Tales of Selenia will be available for Mac & Linux on release!

I've been working on many elements of Tales of Selenia over the last months, and even I don't talk about it regularly, the game is progressing pretty well!

I've made some progress on many things which I can't show yet... but it will come. 😉


In the meantime, it is now time for me to announce a good news for the game: it will be compatible with Mac and Linux, natively, as soon as it is released!

The website's game page has been updated a few days ago, so you might have known about it before everyone else if you were a little curious. 🙂

To celebrate this news, it was an opportunity for me to reveal some of the work done behind the scenes in recent months, especially on the cutscenes. What better way to show this than to create a cinematic specially designed for this occasion? 😄



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