InFinityLauncher 3.0.0 is now available!

Almost a year ago now, the InFinityLauncher was temporarily removed, due to numerous issues with the new version of the site, released on 04/22/2022. Now is the time for him to resurface, more powerful and more useful than ever!


Compatibility of the InFinityLauncher

Until now, the InFinityLauncher was only compatible with Windows, since its inception. When version 2.0.0 was released, a change in technology was made, allowing the Launcher to become (on paper) compatible with Mac and Linux. However, I had, at the time, made the choice not to support these two systems, since there is no product compatible with them. Finally, this was the case until the end of January!

Tales of Selenia is now officially compatible with Mac and Linux, the InFinityLauncher had to be also compatible to allow it to be installed. This is now the case. The InFinityLauncher detects your operating system, and allows you to install products compatible with your system. Note that, for the moment, no product is available, since the few existing versions of Tales of Selenia are currently only reserved for a few people, as part of tests.


Graphical redesign

As with the release of version 2.0.0, a new graphic overhaul has taken place for this version 3.0.0. To discover the screenshots, and therefore the new interface, go to the product page of the InFinityLauncher!


Fixed vulnerabilities and improved overall security

The InFinityLauncher has been based on Electron since version 2.0.0. However, until now it has been quite complicated to use the most recent versions of Electron, and many vulnerabilities have accumulated without being able to solve them. This was one of the reasons that led me to temporarily retire the Launcher in April 2022.

The new version of the InFinityLauncher has been rebuilt from scratch, allowing the most recent versions of Electron and the various modules that the InFinityLauncher depends on to be used. Thanks to this, there are no longer any vulnerabilities, and they can now be fixed much more easily and quickly if they should appear.

Another point related to security: the part of the website that allowed the InFinityLauncher to communicate with the InFinityNetwork database has been completely redone from scratch, and is now much more secure than before.


Download queue

New in this version 3.0.0: the download queue. Until now, it was not possible to leave a product page in the InFinityLauncher if you had launched an installation, an update or an uninstallation.

Now, the download queue manages these tasks. So you can keep browsing the library, your profile, or app settings while the Launcher performs these tasks.


DLC management

Another new functionnality of this version, the DLC management. Until now, when you download KingStar, you download the game and all existing music. This was not a problem, since there were only about ten songs. However, lately, I have been working a lot on this point, and we now arrive at more than 1,300 songs which will be gradually made available over the weeks and months.

To allow you more flexibility, KingStar now comes without any music. The InFinityLauncher now features, and it's exclusive to KingStar for now, choosing the music you want to download. The Launcher then takes care of retrieving the list of files, and downloading them to the KingStar installation folder.


Automatic update system

The automatic update system integrated in versions 2.0.0 and higher is still present, but it has been modified and improved. It is now also compatible with Mac and Linux, just like the Launcher itself.

It runs automatically when the InFinityLauncher starts, and you will now be able to see the progress of the update process: checking, downloading and starting the installation.


The InFinityLauncher 3.0.0 is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download it right now from its product page.


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