Discord server revamp

The Discord server has been updated and its operation has been slightly modified.

  • The rules have been changed, and no longer depends on a bot for practical reasons.
  • Channels receiving notifications of my product code updates have been hidden by default, and can now be accessed by assigning a specific role (which you can add or remove by yourself at any moment).
  • Product-specific text channels have been added (for KingStar, LeagueStats, Portal Remastered and Tales of Selenia only at this time), for further discussion.
  • The general text channel still exists, and works the same as before.
  • The welcome screen provided by Discord has been removed, to simplify the arrival on the server.

All of his changes are now available now, and a new invite link is now available in the site menu, or by clicking herePLEASE NOTE THAT THE SERVER IS FRENCH ONLY (at least for now).


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