New project: LeagueStats

Another new project, but this time, we are going to radically change the universe and the way it works.

Indeed, I tend to create programs or games for Windows. However, I often play League of Legends with friends, and I wanted to start creating something about this game. So I had the idea of creating a site, in the same way as what already exists with OP.GG or LeagueOfGraphs, to name a few. LeagueStats was born!

Currently, the site allows several things, in particular the search for players through all the servers of the game, as well as the possibility of seeing a profile.
The search is carried out through the following servers: Brazil (BR), Western Europe (EUW), Northern and Eastern Europe (EUNE), Japan (JP), South Korea (KR), North America (NA), Latin America North (LAN), Latin America South (LAS), Oceania (OCE), Turkey (TR) and Russia (RU).
A player's profile displays the following information: name, level, server, ranks in the different queues (solo/duo, flexible 5v5, flexible 3v3 and even TFT), recent matches and champion masteries.

Other features will arrive between now and the public release of the site, including search for champions, search for objects, detail of a champion, detail of an object, detail of a match...


In the meantime, some previews of the site, with some screenshots of the site:




And for those who are interested, a video of the site is available so that you can discover the animated wallpaper of the latter!
(Warning: The music in the video is only available to fill the sound void of the site. It will not have background music.)


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