InFinityLauncher: version 1.0.9

A new version of the InFinityLauncher has been released, and will require action on your part.

Indeed, the problems with the update system were too restrictive. We will therefore try a new update system, this time using Microsoft services.

For those interested: the system in question is ClickOnce. It's integrated with Visual Studio, which is the software I use to code most of my programs and games, since I mostly code these in C#.

For everyone: these few changes will only require a few actions on your part. You will need to uninstall the current InFinityLauncher before installing the new version (which this time will be able to update). To do this, use the "Uninstall InFinityLauncher" shortcut from the Start menu.

In case uninstallation is not possible due to an error when starting the program, delete the "InFinityLauncher" folder from the Start menu and the "InFinityLauncher" folder in the "Program Files (x86)" folder in the root of your hard disk (or where it is installed if you have changed this location). Google will be your friend to help you with this. 😉

Once uninstalled, download the InFinityLauncher and this time, I promise, it's the right one!


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